Meeting Notes

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”

– Marcel Proust

Studies show that people who do not take notes may forget what was discussed in a meeting by as much as; 50% within 24 hours, 80% within two weeks, and 95% within one month. The most effective way to avoid costly misunderstandings that can result from our tendency to forget what was discussed, is to take effective notes.

Your notes should include all pertinent information that was discussed during the meeting. It is important that your notes represent a clear and accurate account of the meeting, so follow these steps for taking effective meeting notes.

  1. At the start of the meeting record the date & time, location, purpose, and attendees.
  2. When taking meeting notes be sure to reference the name of the attendee who presented or responded to a topic.
  3. Do not attempt to record conversations verbatim. Instead, outline the key-points in short concise detail and include any next steps agreed to.
  4. If you are unclear or do not understand any points of discussion, ask for clarification.
  5. After the meeting review your notes and add any comments that you feel are necessary.
  6. Save and organize your meeting notes for future reference.

Recording meeting notes is the best way to ensure that the instructions you provide to your advisors and the recommendations you agree to implement are reliably acted on.

RECORD TYPE: Meeting Notes

When meeting with any of your financial/product advisors, either in person, over the phone, or a live meeting on your laptop, you should record the following information:

  • Date and time,
  • Location,
  • Purpose of meeting,
  • Attendees,
  • Topics discussed, and
  • Next steps.

MyWealth Records includes a printable note template you can write on then upload using the SideDrawer mobile app or scanner, and an eNote you can fill in using the SideDrawer mobile app or tablet/laptop with a browser.

Suggested Action: Download and print copies of the Planning Notes template to use when meeting with any of your financial/product advisors. Alternatively, you can take notes using the eNote with the SideDrawer mobile app or tablet/laptop with a browser.

NEXT Steps

  • Download Resources
    Click the Resources link to download and print copies of the Notes template if you plan to use pen and paper when recording meeting notes.
  • Take Notes
    When meeting with anyone to discuss your financial plans, take notes using the paper or eNote template.
  • Upload Paper Notes
    Using a scanner or the Sidedrawer Mobile App, upload all paper notes for secure storage and collaboration with your family and trusted advisors.
  • Add Collaborators
    From the Sidedrawer home screen, click on the Collaborator icon to add someone you wish to give access to one or more of your Records. Enter their email, name and relationship to you, then select the Record and permissions to be granted.

Click here to print the Meeting Notes Document Checklist.

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